4 Pines Brewery Tour

4 pines brewery

29/43-45 E Esplanade

(02) 9976 2300



tour Hours

Daily at 12.30pm sharp


The original 4 Pines Brew Pub is the original venue with the original brewery tucked away in a corner. While it serves the full 4 Pines beer range, it has become the optimum facility for the brewers to let their creative juices flow with limited release - 10 keg batches - “The sources of inspiration are endless from the latest and greatest in newly developed malts, hop varieties or other raw materials, mimicking a favourite cocktail or culinary dish, to the more traditional and conservative beer styles that we all know and love,” explains brewer Tweeds.
A choice selection of these beers are then hand-picked for larger, although still limited, release fom the Brookvale brewery. 

The food is proper beer pub grub - hearty flavoursome and satisfying. “We areconstantly looking at the food and seeing how we can do it better,” says Ed, Executive Chef for the 4 Pines group. The Brew Pub is the place to go for a good beer and a great pub meal,” he adds. Meals include a Mega Burger, ribs and lighter alternatives like Red Rice, Green Bean and Feta salad, as well as a kids menu.


Also known as the Keller Door, this has a more experimental approach to both food and beer. “It is the ideal venue for us to showcase our limited release, small batch beers produced in both Manly and Brookvale,” says Tweeds. Only the limited release beers are sold here, not the Core Range, and there are 200ml samples of the beers available to enjoy. 

And the experimental nature of this exciting space below the brewery does not stop with the beer. It’s all about sharing food and trying different plates and tastes. The kitchen trials different dishes and responds to customer demand on what goes down well. This ever changing menu does include non-share plates as well. “Usually, you set up food and then match up wine but at 4 Pines, we reversed it. Everyone knows us for beer and the flavours, variety and spectrum is amazing. We want to match food to beer. The two compliment each other perfectly,” adds Ed.

Brewery Tours

Tours of the original Manly Brewpub run Monday to Friday. Booking isn't required, but is recommended.  If you're feeling lucky though; just turn up 10 minutes before and let staff know you're wanting to participate.

Tours are $25 and include a 4 Pines core range tasting rack.

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