Eco Manly


Beautiful beaches, pristine waters and well maintained walking tracks are just some of the reasons visitors flock to the Northern Beaches.

Ensuring the area’s environment, both onshore and in the water, is given the attention it needs is a high priority for residents keen to drive the message out to the visiting population too. There is increasing emphasis on the peninsula from the Northern Beaches Council, businesses and individuals to ensure the beauty
of the area is maintained.

In addition, more and more people are prepared to put effort into environmental issues that work for, not just this immediate environment, but Australia as a whole and even further afield.

Here are some fast facts on what goes on to keep Manly looking great and details of initiatives to encourage environmentally-friendly practices: 

  • Drinking taps have been installed throughout Manly to refill water bottles.
  • The Northern Beaches Council has introduced measures to minimise plastic usage and stamp out single use plastic such as plastic bags, bottles, straws and coffee cups.
  • Council staff have swapped disposable coffee cups for reusable ones which will save up to 50,000 coffee cups each year that cannot be recycled.
  • Cafés throughout Manly offer a discount on coffee for people supplying their own reusable cup.
  • Reusable Boomerang Bags are available to use, instead of plastic, at certain businesses
  • around Manly. 
  • Manly-based restaurants Ruby Lane, 4 Pines and Manly Ocean Foods, have committed to choosing only sustainable fisheries, wholesale suppliers and fish species for their kitchens; and to encourage customers to make the same choices to help protect disappearing seafood species and threatened marine ecosystems.
  • Manly Beach is cleaned and checked each day. 
  • Waste recycling takes place in Manly with both residential and public bins divided into recyclable and non-recyclable waste.